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Biocompatibles International
Bio-materials group focused on the development and commercial exploitation of its biocompatible phosphorylcholine (PC) technology.
Ultra-Lum, Inc.
Provider of ultraviolet manufacturing fabrication services for biotechnology research, DNA/RNA research, curing and sterilization. Services are provided to the electro-optical and biotechnology industries. This company was capitalized by priva.
New England Biolabs
Production of restrictionendonucleases and other related products for the recombinant DNA field; online catalog and ordering.
Group of companies comprises Liquid Handling, Microplate Instrumentation, Biotechnology and Affinity Sensors. Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.
Apogee Designs, Ltd.
Provider of custom biomedical and telecommunications equipment manufacturing services and manufacturer of electrophoresis equipment. Products and services are sold to the biomedical and telecommunications industries.
Biotecx Laboratories
Biotechnology company located in Houston, Texas. Clinical diagnostic kit, immunology, molecular biology, and RNA and DNA isolation markets.
Pierce Chemical Company
Services in Immunology, Protein Chemistry, Chromatography, Sample Handling, Signal Transduction, Molecular Biology.
Guidance Document on Assayed and Unassayed Quality Control Material
Draft for comment released February, 3, 1999. Intended to assist manufacturers of in vitro diagnostic quality control materials; complements existing guidelines entitled 'Points to Consider for Review of Calibration and Quality Control Labeling .
VitaGen Incorporated
External artificial human livers.
PerkinElmer Life Sciences
Analytical solutions for drug discovery, population screening and other areas in bioresearch and clinical diagnostics.
NjeX Medical Systems
Sealed cartridge implanting device for implanting seeds, stents, controlled release pharmaceuticals and other applications. Located in City of Industry, California.
Laboratory instruments including centrifugation and analytical system, tubes and plates.
Quadrant Healthcare, PLC
Manufactures proprietary particle formulation technologies for the delivery of medicines via the oral, injectible and inhaled routes.
Medical biotechnology company specializing in the commercialization of products based on a proprietary synthetic bone technology. Headquartered in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
Advanced Bionics
Firm researches, designs and manufactures cochlear implants.
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