Wheelchair guide

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EZ Lift & Carrier Co
Kar Kady wheelchair car carrier allows you to transport your chair outside you car.
World Wide Wheelchairs and Used Medical Equipment
Locations in Ontario, Canada and Michigan.
Sportaid - Medaid
Mail order company for wheelchairs & wheelchair supplies.
Diestco Manufacturing Company
Manufactures accessories for wheelchairs, scooters and walkers. Located in Chico, California.
Ginco Medical Equipment
Manufactures body lifts for people in wheelchairs.
Hoveround Corporation
Manufacturer of power joystick controlled wheelchairs for elderly or disabled persons. Products are sold directly to clients.
Levo AG
Manufacturer of manual and powered standup wheelchairs. Located in Switzerland.
Magic Mobility Wheelchairs
Manufactures a four wheel drive wheelchair. US distributor is in Angola, Indiana.
Manufacturer of wheechair restraint systems. US headquarters is in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Evac+Chair Corporation
Emergency wheelchair for evacuating the handicapped via building fire stairs. Located in New York, New York.
Action VW Enterprises
Wheelchairs, transporters, scooters and walkers. Located in Buena Park, California.
Disability Options
Developed and distributes all-terrain Kili Kart and stand at the waist Stand N Go mobility products. Located in Palmer, Alaska.
Swedish manufacturer of advanced electric wheelchairs sold in Canada, Europe and the US.
Miki Korea Co., Ltd.
Wheelchairs manufactured in Korea, Japan, and Asia.
Braun Corporation
Lowered floor minivans and lifts. Website contains a guidelines brochure.
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