Communication on the Net

With a focus on aids, Long term healthcare and Healthcare.

Information Services, Inc.
Directory of augmentative communication products.
Microsonic, Inc.
Manufacturer of ear molds for hearing aids. Products are sold to hospitals and clinics.
BrightEye Technology
Scan and listen learning system. Located in Asheville, North Carolina.
Assistive Technology, Inc.
Devlops computer hardware and software for people with communication and learning limitations. Online ordering available.
Centrum Sound
Catalog and online ordering of assistive listening and sound reinforcement systems for personal and commercial use. Located in Sunnyvale, California.
Sonic Alert, Inc.
Manufacturer of visual signalling devices for the hearing impaired. The devices can be attached to telephones, doorbells and other electrical devices. Products are sold to multiple industries.
Manufacturer of equipment to help the motion impaired. The company primarily deals with mobility enhancement and telecommunications devices. Products include a line of telephones for use by the disabled. The Able-Phone 100(tm) is cordless, ac.
Attention Control Systems, Inc.
Hand-held computer-based device for people with brain injury, alzheimer's disease, A.D.D. and other cognitive disorders; in Mountain View, California.
AudiTech, Inc.
TTYs and assistive devices for the deaf and hearing-impaired; in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Online ordering available.
Audio Enhancement
Classroom amplification equipment; located in Riverton, Utah.
Casa Futura Technologies
Catalog of electronic stuttering therapy devices and information about stuttering.
Bell Hearing Instruments, Inc.
Manufacturer of hearing aids. Products are sold to audiologists and hearing aid dispensers. This company was capitalized by private investment.
Zygo Industries, Inc.
Frank Audiodata
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