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Magnifying Center
VideoEye Power Magnification System
AccessAbility, Inc.
Sales and installation of products for people with visual impairments. Offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco, California and Ashland, Oregon.
Mons International, Inc.
Adaptive Solutions, Inc.
Adaptive equipment and software for people with visual impairments or physical limitations. Located in
V.B. Schaeffer, Inc.
Nonprofit organization offering reading systems for people who are blind, have low vision, or dyslexia. In Moffett Field, California.
Enhanced Vision Systems
Visual-Tech Connection, The
Innoventions Inc
Eschenbach Optik
Ocutech, Inc.
Manufacturer of the Vision Enhancing System(R) that provides a horizontal light path to aid visually impaired persons; and the VES(R) Auto Focus System, a visual aid. Products are sold to the medical industry. This company was capitalized by p.
Alternative Focus
Specializes in making computers accessible to blind and visually impaired people; in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Optelec US, Inc.
Vision Technology
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