Telemedicine on the Net

With a focus on courses and unversity, IT and Healthcare.

University of Virginia Office of Telemedicine
Provide clinical consultative and medical education services to patients and health care professionals remote from Charlottesville.
East Carolina University (ECU)Telemedicine Program
Provides consultations in a variety of medical specialties.
Telemedicine at Kansas University Medical Center
Provides healthcare via interactive video (telemedicine) to underserved urban and rural geographic areas.
Kentucky University TeleCare
Scheduled clinical and educational programs, such as grand rounds, in a variety of medical specialties, including dermatology, pediatric cardiology, vascular surgery.
Telemedicine at the University of Minnesota
Three-year pilot project in which University health professionals will consult with patients and health care providers over a videoconferencing system.
Medical College of Georgia Telemedicine Center
Tutorial, library, articles, description of projects and Internet resources relating to telemedicine.
Duke University Health System Telehealth Program
Facilitates the introduction of communication and information technologies into the Duke University Health System to enable and enhance the provision of healthcare, education and research when geography and time separates participants.
Imaging Science and Information Systems (ISIS) Research Center
Located at Georgetown University Medical Center, it is an academic research center dedicated to improving the quality of health care through innovations in computer, communication, imaging and information technologies.
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Telemedicine programs offered through the School of Medicine.
Massachusetts General Hospital Neurology Telemedicine
Pilot project to provide interactive telemedicine neurology consultations.
Center for Telemedicine (Texas Tech University)
Provides healthcare via satellite to patients in remote rural locations and to inmates in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.
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