Telemedicine on the Net

With a focus on Service, IT and Healthcare.

Emed Technologies
Provides Internet services and communications infrastructure for medical imaging. Headquartered in Lexington, Massachusetts.
Plexus Informatique Computer Consulting
Application development and services for medical imaging, telemedicine and teleradiology. Located in Tamuning, Guam.
Businessway Int'l
GlobalNetCare, Inc. operates , a health care oriented Internet Web site that provides medical information to both healthcare professionals and individuals.
Provides health care facilities and radiologists with radiology services including turnkey digital imaging equipment service, online and Internet image transmission and central archiving, reading services, radiology information systems and techn.
Global Medical Systems
Serves vessels at sea, aircraft, research stations, remote commercial operations, transportation and construction sites, through telemedical support.
MIS Labs, Inc.
Provider of integrated voice, data and video network design services including LAN and WAN systems. The company also provides communication network consulting services and software programming services. Services are provided to multiple indust.
CSX Telemed
Telemedicine and telehealth software applications. Located in Anchorage, Alaska.
Second Opinion
Telehealth software allows medical practitioners to capture high resolution images and store, manage and send them to remote locations for a consultation. In Gardena, California.
JedMed Instrument Company
Manufactures instruments for dentistry, ophthalmology, ear, nose and throat, and telemedicine applications. Located in St. Louis, Missori.
Cell Relay Retreat
Full text of papers and articles; other resources concerning asynchronous transfer mode (ATM), Internet and network technology.
Feedback Research Services (
Market analysis reports and newsletters about emerging health care markets, such as home care monitoring, telehealth, telemedicine, and telephone triage. Located in Jacksonville, Oregon.
Main of the company is on remote-medicine, mobile video-communication, data communication and telemedicine for terrestrial (e.g. ISDN, E1, T1) and satellite (e.g. Inmarsat, VSAT) applications.
Telemedicine Research Center: Data Solutions Service
Provider of information and analysis on telehealth issues to help build telemedicine programs, products and services.
Telemedicine Technologies Company
Transfers telemedicine, informatics, instrument technology, and protocols from research to commercial applications through consultation services and implementation of new systems. Located in Greenville, North Carolina.
Vidar Systems Corporation
Manufactures large-format document scanning systems and x-ray film digitizers for medical and scientific applications, including teleradiology and oncology treatment planning. Located in Herndon, Virginia.
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