Iowa guide

Plus additional infos related to Healthcare Agencies, Healthcare agencies and Healthcare.

Department of Elder Affairs
Bureau of Emergency Medical Services
Contains documents and links relevant to medical directors, licensing, training, protocols and injury prevention.
Department of Human Services
Contains requests for proposals information online.
Board of Pharmacy Examiners
Labor Services Division (Department of Occupational Safety and Health)
Citizens' Aide Ombudsman
Independent agency of the Iowa General Assembly, to which citizens can air their grievances about government.
Environmental Permitting: IOWAccess Project 11
Electronic submission of applications for Air Construction and Air Operating permits over the Internet.
Department of Human Rights
Board of Nursing
Board of Dental Examiners
Board of Medical Examiners (IBME)
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services
Occupational Information Coordinating Committee
Provides programs that aid job-seekers and program planners through workshops and training.
Department of Public Health
Bureau of Professional Licensure
Regulatory agency for health-related occupations.
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