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Medical Records Institute
Consulting services in electronic health records area, particularly to provide small EHR developers in finding alliances and partnerships.
LaserFiche: Patient Records Imaging
Allows paper documents such as exams, insurance, notes and photographs to be converted to electronic files for improved storage and access.
AHAData: Healthcare Records Data
Provides healthcare industry reports including detailed hospital & clinical utilization data, provider information, and industry mailing lists.
Online resource for health information management including news, career information, regulatory information and related products and tools.
Iron Mountain: Healthcare Records Storage and Management
Provides healthcare records storage and management services, including healthcare records retrieval, indexing, and release of information.
Statement of the College of American Pathologists
Presented by Kent A. Spackman, May 17, 1999, to the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics Workgroup on Computer-based Patient Records.
Workgroup on Computer-based Patient Records Working Session
Transcripts and recording of live audio broadcast of the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics Working Session, September 1998.
Computer-Based Patient Record: An Essential Technology for Health Care
From the Institute of Medicine. Revised edition, 1997. In Open Book page format.
Ergo Partners: Patient Records Management
Offers an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software system for physician and nursing clinical documentation. Includes a detailed clinical vocabulary.
WebCPR: A Java Applet for Reviewing Computer-based Patient Records
Presented at the American Medical Informatics Association 1999 Annual Symposium. Full text available.
Security Features for Computer-Based Patient Record Systems
Sponsored by the Computer-based Patient Record Institute.
VA Virtual Conference Archive
Stored audio of the Workgroup on Computer-based Patient Records meetings from June 1999 through December, 1999.
No Free Lunch: Institutional Preparations for Computer-Based Patient Records
Presentation by S.H. Brown at the American Medical Informatics Association 1999 Annual Symposium. Full text available.
Dak Systems Consulting
A national healthcare information technology advisory consultancy. Dak specializes in component systems and technologies of computer-based patient records (CPRs).
Service offered by SpeechMachines replaces traditional premise-based recording and typing systems with a fee-for-use contract. Audio is routed via the Internet. This service is targeted at transcription companies and hospitals.
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