Podiatry guide

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Internet resource for podiatrists and the podiatry profession.
Podiatry Management
Online version contains full-text of selected articles from the current print and archived editions.
The Foot Nurse
Site offering information, products and services related to foot care and foot-related problems.
eBay: Podiatry
Online marketplace for podiatry.
Home Footcare Company Inc
Ecommerce source for foot care products such as corn pads, toe separators, callous pads, buttress and toe nail clippers.
Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine
Located in Cleveland, Ohio.
Aerodyn Orthotics
Australian-based custom service for the control of biomechanical foot dysfunction, and the relief and prevention of foot, leg and back pain.
Podiatry Online
Directory of Internet resources for podiatrists.
Ecommerce source for foot care products and treatments for home use. Headquartered in Paradise Valley, Arizona.
Ecommerce source for comfort footwear and healthcare products for the lower body. Located in Norcross, Georgia.
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