Pediatrics guide

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Pediatric Infectious Diseases
Selected bibliography of medical literature citations for pediatric infectious diseases.
Pediatric Teaching Resources at Kansas
Information organized by heart defect and links to lectures and teaching resources organized by type.
Pedinfo Overview
Pediatric manifestations of a clinical entity, or have pediatric components of obvious value to the care of patients in the pediatric age group.
Pedbase Pediatric Database at Western Ontario
Pedbase contains descriptions of childhood illnesses. Information on each disorder in this Database has been obtained from at least 3 sources including Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics, the Birth Defects Encyclopedia and from either journal article.
Family Practice Handbook - Pediatrics
Information on neonatal syndromes, such as encopresis, respiratory topics, resuscitation, hematologic, metabolic, gastrointestinal and congenital infections.
Children's Safety Network
Provides resources and technical assistance to maternal and child health agencies and other organizations seeking to reduce unintentional injuries and violence to children and adolescents.
Pediatric News: Medical News Headlines
Link to Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine current contents, past issues and instruction to authors.
LSUHSC Pediatrics Department
MedPeds program description, links to residents, faculty, facilities, medical genetics, conference schedule, allied health pharmacology and pediatric links.
Family Doctor
General information for patients and consumers in the area of family medicine. Includes health tips, drug information and a U.S. family physician directory.
APGAR Scoring for Newborns
Activity, pulse, grimace, appearance, and respiration measures as indicators for the well-being of the newborn. Links to other information sources regarding childbirth.
ElectricAirway: Upper Airway Problems in Children
Descriptions include airway anatomy, croup, acute epiglottitis, subglottic stenosis, tracheo/laryngomalacia, and case studies.
Pediatric Imaging Teaching Files
Radiographic images, clinical history, findings, diagnosis and discussion.
Pediatric Outpatient Medication Doses
Common therapeutic treatments for frequently diagnosed pediatric disease symptoms.
Problems of Newborns
Symptoms organized by primary clinical presentation followed by lists of common and less common causes for the problem.
Common Pediatric Illnesses
Rationale, prerequisites, learning objectives and competencies.
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