Neurosurgery guide

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Central Neurocytoma of the Spinal Cord
Axial and sagittal MRI images, links to histological images, and references.
Clipping of a Posterior Cerebral Artery (P1 Segment) Aneurysm
History, physical exam, radiographic studies, operative procedure and outcome.
Arteriovenous Malformations
Description and treatment options. Describes nidus and embolization.
Posterior Cervical Plating for Traumatic Instability
History, physical exam, radiographic studies, impressions, operative procedure and results.
4th Ventricular Mass
Grand rounds and case studies from the MGH/Harvard Neurosurgical Service and NYU Department of Neurosurgery.
Atlases of the Brain
Cross sections of human brain and spinal cord. MRI images of coronal, sagittal, and axial sections of brain.
Enhancing Lesions in the Hypothalami and Basal Ganglia
History, physical exam, diagnostic data, and MRI scans.
Definition and clinical significance.
Thalamotomy for Parkinsonian Tremor
History, physical exam, impression, operative procedure, and Quick Time movie clips of techniques.
Adult Brain Tumors
Case presentation with description, diagnosis and treatment.
Neurological Surgery
Clinical and general information on specialties and research protocols.
MRI Appearance of Hemorrhage
Characterized by clinical phase, time, Hgb state, T1 and T2 image.
Acute Onset of Brainstem Signs in a Young Man
Case presentation and diagnostic challenge.
Lumbar Disc Herniation
Manifestation, diagnosis, and treatment.
Management of Facial Paralysis After Intracranial Surgery
Predicting recovery, ocular management, reconstruction of the paralyzed face, aberrant nerve regeneration, and references.
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