Emergency references

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Injury Control Resource Information Network
Resources related to the field of injury research and control.
Injury Prevention
Injury prevention strategies and interventions.
Canadian Medical Association (CMA)
National membership association for Canadian physicians providing practice management informational links.
Anaesthesia and Intensive Care
Original articles of scientific and clinical interest in the specialties of Anaesthesia, Intensive Care, Pain Therapy and related disciplines.
Burn Treatment Information
Provide concise information in assessing and treating minor burns, and/or assessing and resuscitating major burns prior to transfer to a specialized facility.
Society for Academic Emergency Medicine
Mission is to foster emergency medicine's academic environment in research, education, and health policy through forums, publications, inter-organizational collaboration, policy development, and consultation services for teachers, researchers, a.
Acid-Base Balance Tutorial
Quick reference of basic equations and clinical considerations.
National Center for Emergency Medicine Informatics
Resource of different tools to help with clinical emergency medicine, medical education, medical research, and emergency room management.
Family Violence Prevention Fund
National non-profit organization that focuses on domestic violence education, prevention and public policy reform.
The Bike HUB: National Bicycle Safety Network
CDC affiliated prevention program.
EDCalc Emergency Medicine Clinical Calculators
Resources at NCEMI include more than 100 different tools to help with clinical emergency medicine, medical education, medical research, and ER management.
HealthWeb Emergency Medicine
Directory developed by the Fordham Health Sciences Library, the Wright State University School of Medicine Department of Emergency Medicine and the HealthWeb project.
Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation
CPR guide and an informational resource.
National Pediatric Trauma Registry
Data to assess efficacy of acute interventions; estimate need for rehabilitation services; identify areas for preventive interventions.
Wound care program stresses basics of medical and surgical care combined with recent technologies (e.g. platelet derived growth factors and new dressing materials).
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