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University of Pittsburgh Division of Cardiology
Education, research, heart disease prevention programs and primary cardiovascular disease management to help control the progression of heart disease.
University of Michigan - Heart Care Program
Provides patient information, educational information, an index of medical topics and clinic information. Produced by the Department of Cardiology at the University of Michigan.
Rush Heart Institute
Provides patient care information, clinical trials listings, a medical encyclopedia and information regarding advanced training in cardiology.
University of Virginia - The Heart Center
Information of patient care, physician resources, training and education in cardiology.
Emory University Division of Cardiology - USA
Educational and professional resources in cardiology. Located in Atlanta, GA.
Cornell Medical Center - Division of Cardiology
List of faculty members and summary of activities. Located within New York Hospital in New York, NY.
Certification Board of Nuclear Cardiology
Nonprofit corporation established to develop and administer practice-related examinations in the field of nuclear cardiology and to award certification to those physicians who successfully complete the CBNC examination and credentialing process.
Washington University Cardiology Home Page
Educational and research facility in the area of cardiology.
University of Utah: NetPharmacology
Collection of web-based hypertext multimedia materials used to teach cardiovascular pharmacology at the University of Utah.
Cardiology @ The University of Chicago
Information in several areas of cardiology, including faculty, departmental and continuing education information.
University of Florida Division of Cardiology
Educational and professional resources in cardiology.
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