Associations on the Net

With a focus on in optometry, Health practices and Healthcare.

Polycarbonate Lens Council
Information about polycarbonate lenses provided for eyewear consumers, eye care professionals and ophthalmic educators.
Optical Laboratories Association
Organization composed of eyecare professionals. Offers training videos, lens menus and other office products to its members.
Center for Keratoconus
Information about keratoconus, including treatment, prevention and diagnosis, with message boards, support groups, personal stories, doctors, research and clinical trials.
Boston Foundation for Sight 
Nonprofit institution dedicated to restoring sight to damaged corneas, offering contact lenses as an alternative to surgery.
Doheny Eye Institute
Associated with the University of Southern California the institute offers residency programs in opthalmology.
International Society of Ocular Toxicology
Group encourages research, training, publication and dissemination of knowledge in all aspects of ocular toxicology.
Information about vision and vision care presented as a public service of the California Optometric Association.
National Alliance for Eye and VisionResearch
Nonprofit advocacy organization made up of a coalition of professional, consumer and industry organizations involved in research in eye and vision disorders.
Contact Lens Council
Nonprofit organization serving as an educational resource on vision correction for consumers.
Vision Council of America Better Vision Institute (VCA/BCI)
Trade organization promoting public education about eye health and fashion issues.
Alabama Chapter, Volunteer Optometric Service to Humanity
Nonprofit, charitable volunteer organization dedicated to providing vision care and related services to underserved people.
The American Academy of Optometry
Professional organization for practicing optometrists. Promotes education and research in the field of optometry.
National Association of Vision Professionals
Nonprofit association that advocates for maximum vision and eye health for all.
Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association, International
Organization of professionals involved in the visual rehabilitation of people who have physical disabilities or traumatic brain injury.
International Society of Refractive Surgeons
International organization of eye care professionals committed to providing scientific research, knowledge and information to all individuals interested in refractive surgery.
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