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Plus additional infos related to ethics, Clinical practice and Healthcare.

Institutional Review Board Services
Founded in 1993 in response to a perceived need for a mechanism to expedite Ethics Reviews of proposed clinical research in Canada and other countries. Quick turnaround times and reviews that can withstand the scrutiny of regulatory bodies are t.
Online portal for bioethics sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania Center for Bioethics. Provides full-text articles, information and links to resources related to bioethics.
Issues in Medical Ethics
Full-text quarterly publication based in India concerning medical ethics.
Xenotransplantation: Risks, Clinical Potential, and Future Prospects
Commentary on xenotransplantation.
Xenotransplantation: Animal Organs to Save Human Lives
Description and diagram of xenotransplantation.
BIOMED-II-Project: Ethics in Medicine, Health Care and Health Professions
Collaborative European Database Network developed by France, Germany, Netherlands and Sweden. Searchable database(Euroethics) of bibliographical references on ethics in medicine and healthcare.
nonprofit educational web site serving the world transplant community. Based at the University of Michigan, features news and events, comprehensive subject index, and ability to search the site.
National Reference Center for Bioethics Literature
Specialized collection of primary and secondary materials and resources concerned with issues in biomedical and professional ethics. Contains Bioethicsline, an online bibliographic database.
Xenotransplantation on the Web
News and events regarding the transplantation of living cells, tissues and organs from one species to another species.
eBay: Bioethics
Online marketplace for bioethics.
Online Bioethics Service
HealthCare Ethics Committee Forum
Provides articles regarding ethical and legal issues in healthcare.
Bioethics Discussion Pages
Contains questions and responses regarding biomedical ethics. Topics are suggested and new topics invited. There is also a polling feature.
Organ Donor
Provides information and resources on organ donation and transplantation issues, and addresses the organ donation awareness initiatives that are in effect throughout the country involving different populations and issues.
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